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Behind The Sun

Basic Defiant T-shirt (Asian Cut)

Basic Defiant T-shirt (Asian Cut)

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Size Measurements

Length - 70cm
Width - 53cm
Sleeve Length - 42cm

Length - 71cm
Width - 56cm
Sleeve Length - 43cm

Length - 72cm
Width - 61cm
Sleeve Length - 44cm

Length - 78cm
Width - 65cm
Sleeve Length - 47cm

*Model is wearing size L

Unleash your unyielding spirit with the "Defiant Noir" tee, a fierce addition from the "Resilience Squad" collection by "Behind the Sun." Drenched in black, this tee features the striking Resilience Squad emblem, boldly emblazoned on the front. An emblem that represents defiance against the odds. Crafted for both style and tenacity, this tee invites you to stand on the edge of challenges, staring them down with unwavering determination. Join the vanguard that refuses to back down, forging a path through the darkest of trials.

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