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Behind The Sun

Unbreakable Squad T-Shirt

Unbreakable Squad T-Shirt

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Size Measurements

Length - 78cm
Width - 55cm
Sleeve Length - 42cm

Length - 79cm
Width - 57cm
Sleeve Length - 43cm

Length - 80cm
Width - 62cm
Sleeve Length - 44cm

Length - 84cm
Width - 64cm
Sleeve Length - 46cm

*Model is wearing size L

The "Unbreakable Squad" t-shirt from the "Behind the Sun" brand is a powerful statement of solidarity and strength. This black t-shirt showcases the unyielding bond among the oppressed and marginalized. The back of the shirt proudly displays the word "Squad," accompanied by a collection of meaningful logos that symbolize diverse identities and shared struggles. By wearing this tee, you embody the spirit of resilience and stand in support of those who rise together, unbreakable and united, against all odds.

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